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Introducing the 'Elliptical Workout Trainer' app

We all know we're supposed to keep moving. It's been countless times that I've been told "forget the weights, just make sure you keep moving". What better way to get the whole body moving than the elliptical machine. Whether you're trying to lose weight, build up your fitness or even improve your mental health, the elliptical machine has you covered. Now moving is one thing, but how can we make sure we keep getting improving? The Elliptical Workout Trainer app has you covered.

Set your goal and fitness level and you'll be presented with a range of routines and workouts that you can pick from. Choose one you fancy and get started. You'll be given 2-4 workouts a week that you can start when you like. Each workout is built to help you progress to a better runner while minimising your risk of injury.

Is Elliptical Workout Trainer for you?

It doesn't matter if you've ever never worked out before, or can run a marathon, there's something for everyone. For beginners, our workouts use a mixture of different speeds and intensities to help your body adapt.

- Choose between Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced routines.

- Repeat existing workouts if the plan is progressing too quickly.

- Automatically logs your workouts so you can track your progression.

Are you ready to get started?

You can download 'Elliptical Workout Trainer' for free on Android or iOS today, just follow the links below:

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